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Bio Place Complex (Functional Whitening)

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[Thuringen Korea Inc.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Bio Place Complex (Functional whitening)

  • The main component : Amino Acid, Phyto Placenta, Arbutin 2%
  • Capacity : 8ml X 5
  • Require skin : All types of skin

This product which added albutine and retinol to main material to Pyto Placenta undiluted solution compose that authenticated by wrinkles improvement, regenerate skin and compound functionality to whitening, also high functionality bio place manufactured only for the customer from 20's who cropped out ultraviolet rays and in stress until 50's who thought most valuable about healthy skin during a worry by wrinkles. Bio place series which keeps you luxurious, shine and freshness will give you vitality and health to your skin.

Product Feature

Phyto Placenta is rich in protein, carbohydrate, major nutrients, all kinds of enzymes to need to a generation of a cell, vitamins, amino acid, etc. Bio Place Complex increase oxygen absorbing power of a skin. Can say that it is an undiluted solution promoting a skin activity operation and metabolism.

Promote blood circulation of a skin, and let natural by a waste product removal. Also let metabolism be active, so prevent pigment composure as control a Melanin generation. Prevent skin moisture vaporization as protect moisture of keratin and it is very effective in a sensitivity and pimple skin by activity operations.