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Bio Place Cream (Whitening, Wrinkle Compound Functionality)

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[Thuringen Korea Inc.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Bio Place Cream (whitening, wrinkle compound functionality)

  • The main component : Phyto Placenta 15%, Retinol 2,500 IU/g, Allantoin,
  • Capacity : 50ml / 250ml
  • Require skin : All types of skin

This product which added albutine and retinol to main material to Pyto Placenta undiluted solution compose that authenticated by wrinkles improvement, regenerate skin and compound functionality to whitening, also high functionality bio place manufactured only for the customer from 20's who cropped out ultraviolet rays and in stress until 50's who thought most valuable about healthy skin during a worry by wrinkles. Bio place series which keeps you luxurious, shine and freshness will give you vitality and health to your skin.

Product Feature

This is the cream which combined an undiluted solution and Ceramide to the main ingredients. Prevent internal moisture vaporization of a horny layer as contain natural moisture factor, and protect a stimulus from the outsides.

If Ceramide is not enough, it cannot maintain moisture of horny layer, then it will be direct to skin trouble, therefore you must maintain your moist skin by dual moisture. It will give you beauty such as nice and clean by our product.

Order of general use

It is only possible, through systematic management orders to get perfect skin care and maximization effect on each step.

1. Cleansing 
Make enough foam with Bio Place soap, then Massage about 2~3minutes with the foam. After cleansing, rinse it off completely.

2. Concentration management
Before it dry, open Bio Place Complex completely, and cover with plain cap. After that put on your skin and massage until it absorb into your skin.

3. Serum
When it absorb completely, put the Serum on your face about one spuit, and then massage until dry.

4. Finishing
Put the cream on your face like nail size using by spachulla, then spread out all over your face.